We divide our Limitless Students into two groups. Middle School (6th-8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade). We offer two different experiences to reach both of these groups. We also have a combined meeting on Wednesday Nights known as The Gathering (Information Below)

MIDDLE SCHOOL – Our middle school students gather on Sunday mornings as well as a monthly activity outside of Sunday mornings. Your middle school student will stay in the main worship service until the end of the music and then they will be dismissed along with our Limitless Student Leaders for a time specifically designed for them. They gather in a classroom located on the first floor of the building across from the auditorium. During this time they will have some games, a bible lesson designed just for them and a time of community building and small groups.

Our middle school students meet every week except the last Sunday of each month when they stay in for the entire service. You can pick your middle school student up in the courtyard after the service.

HIGH SCHOOL – Our High School students attend our normal worship service on Sunday mornings as well as serve on our Dream Team in different areas.  We also encourage our High School students to attend Young Life club on Monday nights at 7:59pm at the New Tampa YMCA.

THE GATHERING – The Gathering is on Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM at Pastor Matt & Erin’s house. This is a time when all of our 6th – 12th grade students meet together. They have a time of joint worship and community and then we divide the group into Middle School girls, Middle School boys, and all High School students for small groups. This way we can be more intentional at connecting and helping the students grow at their level in a more comfortable setting. For location information you can email us or text Jacob @ 941-730-1948

If you have any questions about how to help your High School or Middle School student get involved please email,